Let me begin with, Thank you for your time.   As this is my first entry, I'd like to introduce myself, give a little background and explain why I shoot boudoir.

My name is John Miller.  I was born in Detroit, where my passion for photography began.

I've been a member of the Army Reserves, the Army National Guard and the USMC, 9 years total service.

I worked at Chrysler for 6 years. Before moving to Miami in 2000.

I've shot many different subjects, looking for ways to service the needs of whomever needed photos and for whatever reason.  This was ok most of the time because I love taking pictures, I now have just a couple of areas that I focus on exclusively.  This is one.

I love Boudoir Photography because it helps improve the self-esteem and confidence of women while producing some beautiful images.  

In future posts I will provide tips and links to more information on preparation for and benefits of a Boudoir Session.