First of all, what an interesting coincidence to begin shooting women in this way that is so empowering during the year that was so significant for the empowerment of women.  

I honestly was drawn to this style because of the beautiful images but after realizing the and seeing for myself the emotional transformation possible, I’m even more convinced that I’ve made the right choice. 

The 3 discoveries I’ve made in

my 1st year of shooting boudoir


  1. There is a huge misunderstanding out there about Boudoir, in many cases it’s viewed as something taboo or having to do with sex.  I’ll admit that the images can sometimes be very sexy but that does not cover the depth of this empowering form of photography.

  2. Far too many women are unhappy and ashamed of their bodies and they treat every perceived imperfection as something to hide rather than something to be proud of.  I suppose it’s the result of the superficial world we live in.

  3. This is needed more than ever to help women get an understanding of how beautiful they truly are inside and out, by showing them a side of themselves that they may not even know exist. A part that is more brave and confident than they even thought possible.  By taking the step to do something, that at first might seem, scary and uncomfortable, they’ll experience a higher level of courage and new respect for themselves.  It’s a beautiful and wonderfully rewarding thing to witness.