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It's Not What You Think...

It's Not What You Think...

Ever have the experience of not liking something or believing something only to find out that you had a total misconception?

This is probably one of those times, where you think you know or have a good idea of what Boudoir is and what it's for.

  • Maybe you think it's something you give or significant other on your wedding day. Well, you could do that.  But that 's not all it's for.

  • You might be aware of the emotional benefits of a session but don't feel like you're ready. Now is always a good time for an emotionally uplifting experience.

  • Maybe you want to treat yourself to a session but you think you need to lose 5 or 10 pounds.  You could wait till then, or you could celebrate who you are Now and where you are Now in your life.

  • You might even think it's something dirty or perverted but it's really about Empowerment, Confidence and Artful Sensuality.

  • You might think that you need someone to do it for or someone to give the images from the session to.  It's YOU !!  Do it for Yourself !   The images will be there to remind you of the experience.