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Why would you want to take pictures in your underwear?

Why would you want to take pictures in your underwear?

Being a boudoir photographer in Miami, I get the way a lot of people see this style of photography, as just pictures of women in lingerie and eventhough the results are beautiful and exhilarating, I understand how a boudoir session can be a bit intimidating. Truth is it can be easy to misunderstand the benefits of Boudoir without experiencing it for yourself.  Here are the words of someone who has experienced a session with me:

 -  I had a great experience shooting my boudoir photos. I had the chance to see the images of the pictures that were taken, and I couldn't believe my eyes of how beautiful they came out.  Almost couldn't believe it was me.  I would definitely encourage other women to have their boudoir images taken of themselves.  At first I was a little hesitant of what others might say, but then  I realized the reason why I wanted to take those photos to begin with.  I wanted to take those boudoir images solely for me to have. Time is something that not only doesn't stop for no one, but it surely doesn't wait for no one to pass you by neither.  I wanted to have a memory of the best stages of my life that I could look back at once I grow older.

 I think every women should have that. 

Elena R., Miami


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