What I've Learned in my first year of shooting Boudoir

What I've Learned in my first year of shooting Boudoir

First of all, what an interesting coincidence to begin shooting women in this way that is so empowering during the year that was so significant for the empowerment of women.  

I honestly was drawn to this style because of the beautiful images but after realizing the and seeing for myself the emotional transformation possible, I’m even more convinced that I’ve made the right choice. 

The 3 discoveries I’ve made in

my 1st year of shooting boudoir


  1. There is a huge misunderstanding out there about Boudoir, in many cases it’s viewed as something taboo or having to do with sex.  I’ll admit that the images can sometimes be very sexy but that does not cover the depth of this empowering form of photography.

  2. Far too many women are unhappy and ashamed of their bodies and they treat every perceived imperfection as something to hide rather than something to be proud of.  I suppose it’s the result of the superficial world we live in.

  3. This is needed more than ever to help women get an understanding of how beautiful they truly are inside and out, by showing them a side of themselves that they may not even know exist. A part that is more brave and confident than they even thought possible.  By taking the step to do something, that at first might seem, scary and uncomfortable, they’ll experience a higher level of courage and new respect for themselves.  It’s a beautiful and wonderfully rewarding thing to witness.



It's Not What You Think...

It's Not What You Think...

Ever have the experience of not liking something or believing something only to find out that you had a total misconception?

This is probably one of those times, where you think you know or have a good idea of what Boudoir is and what it's for.

  • Maybe you think it's something you give or significant other on your wedding day. Well, you could do that.  But that 's not all it's for.

  • You might be aware of the emotional benefits of a session but don't feel like you're ready. Now is always a good time for an emotionally uplifting experience.

  • Maybe you want to treat yourself to a session but you think you need to lose 5 or 10 pounds.  You could wait till then, or you could celebrate who you are Now and where you are Now in your life.

  • You might even think it's something dirty or perverted but it's really about Empowerment, Confidence and Artful Sensuality.

  • You might think that you need someone to do it for or someone to give the images from the session to.  It's YOU !!  Do it for Yourself !   The images will be there to remind you of the experience.


CHANGING THE WORLD  🌎 One 🌍 Amazing Experience at a time...

CHANGING THE WORLD 🌎 One 🌍 Amazing Experience at a time...

It's been awhile, so here's a quick thought...


I realize that the world is a very confused and hostile place right now and that boudoir photography doesn't seem necessary or have the ability to change the world.

However, to the woman that experiences a session for herself the effects can be just that, a life changing and empowering adventure that will be with her for the rest of her life. 

I feel that if I can help one person feel more empowered and self-confident, which helps them feel better about themselves and who they are, I will do that and I will do that as often as I can. I intend to improve the self-image of as many women as I can…    Everyone should do something to help others. 🙏🏽


When You're READY !!!  
Even if you think you're not ready and want  MORE INFO !!!

Who's this Gift really for?

Who's this Gift really for?

If you are considering a Boudoir Session as a Gift 🎁 for your significant other for their birthday, your anniversary, as a wedding gift or for any occasion, I have no doubt they will love the beauty and surprise of seeing you in the images from your session.  However, no matter how much they love their gift, the amount of time they can look at and enjoy those images is limited.  On the other hand, you will have The Experience with you at all times, you have the ability to recall your session and remember how it made you feel about yourself.  

So, Who is the Gift really for?

I hope that you will decide to treat yourself to this wonderful experience soon.  When you are ready, please contact me and I'll help you to prepare, so that we can create something amazing for you.


On the Fence?

On the Fence?

I do realize that there is so much going on in our everyday lives that it can be difficult to justify doing something for ourselves.   However, Now is exactly the time to catch your breath and treat yourself to an experience that you may have thought about and said "one day" or "maybe when I lose a couple pounds".   Sound familiar?  How about these, "I'm not a model !" or "I don't need anyone seeing me in my underwear." or "I'm shy."   Those are all well and good, if you like making excuses for not doing something wonderful for yourself.   Please !  Never let the fear of what someone else might think stop you from doing something for yourself.   BE BRAVE !

Let me tell you this, You are worth it and You are beautiful NOW !

It's impossible to describe the benefits you will experience without you actually being there.  Of course you'll have the beautiful images but there's so much more...  I've seen the transformation where my client is a little nervous and unsure about what to do in the beginning and after about 10-15 minutes she is a different person.  Definitely more confident and flowing with the experience.  It's a joy for me to see the change and also the reactions when they see their images and can't believe it's them.   I love it.

Don't just take my word for it, here are the words of one satisfied customer...

The experience was unique. I've never done a boudoir photoshoot before, so in the beginning I was a little nervous and self conscious. But, shortly after, I got the hang of it and magic happened. It was so much fun! I absolutely love the images. They are me at my natural, vulnerable, sexy state. They bring the moment to life.
I would recommend other women do a boudoir shoot at least once in their life to cherish the moment of her youth and beauty. It brings so much confidence and happiness within yourself. It's an important asset to have when growing older and our bodies changing in the process. It's a key reminder that our hearts were and will always be that young beautiful woman in that picture.

Gabriella S., Miami

I look forward to hearing from you in the near future to discuss the possibilities. 


Boudoir vs Glamour

Boudoir vs Glamour

Often times when you don't take an interest in a particular subject most will group different genres into the same category.  This is especially true for photography, for example swimwear, glamour, boudoir, fashion and even pinup, to some might appear to be the same and while the style and look of some of these images can be difficult to categorize, it's the overall purpose of the images that will set them apart.

In the case of Glamour vs Boudoir, even an individual Google search will deliver some very similar image results, so let's start with how they are defined.

1. the quality of fascinating, alluring, or attracting, especially by a combination of charm and good looks.
2. excitement, adventure, and unusual activity: the glamour of being an explorer.
3. magic or enchantment; spell; witchery.
4. suggestive or full of glamour; glamorous: a glamour job in television; glamour stocks.

1. a woman's bedroom or private sitting room.

Though often crossing over into glamour, the genre of boudoir photography is not just about the final image(s) created, but about the premise behind why someone opts to hire a boudoir photographer as well as who the images are intended for, which can vary. Boudoir is similar to glamour but is often about showcasing fantasy that is often steeped very much in reality, as these images are very often gifts for significant others or for the clients own benefit. Commercially the genre is often (though not exclusively) derived from a market for brides to surprise their future husbands by gifting the images on or before their wedding day. Other motivations or inspiration for boudoir photography shoots include anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine's Day, weight loss celebrations, other forms of body change or alteration (such as breast augmentation or reduction) and for servicemen and women overseas. For a brief moment in time, a boudoir client is a glamour model, in front of the camera, creating fantasy.

9588  05Apr17  EYECBEAUTY_.jpg

Glamorous Boudoir ?

It's a fine line on the surface...

Boudoir Photography is typically shot in a photographer's studio or luxury hotel suites, it has become fashionable to create a set of sensual or sexually suggestive images of women (and occasionally men and couples) in "boudoir style". The most common manifestation of contemporary boudoir photography is to take variations of candid and posed photographs of the subject partly clothed or in lingerie. photographic style featuring intimate, romantic, and sometimes erotic images of its subjects, primarily intended for the private enjoyment of the subject and his or her romantic partners. It is distinct from glamour and art nude photography in that it is usually more suggestive rather than explicit in its approach to nudity and sexuality, features subjects who do not regularly model, and produces images which are not intended to be seen by a wide audience, but rather to remain under the control of the subject. Nudity is more often implied than explicit.

09Apr17 EYECBEAUTY-0508 Canon EOS 6D 50mm@50 mm.jpg

Glamour photography is all about fantasy, as I've stated, and specifically sexual fantasy. That said, glamour is not - let me say it again - is not like pornography.  It is easily one of the most vilified and stigma'd genres in photography, and the one genre that provokes the most displeasure from its critics. Difficult to define and even harder to describe to someone accurately, one could also argue that it's the one photography category with the most people, mostly men, who are involved "for all the wrong reasons".  In this genre the subjects are portrayed in erotic poses ranging from fully clothed to nude. The term may be a euphemism for erotic photography. For glamour models, body shape and size is directly related to success. This type of photography is more commonly known as "cheesecake" for women and "beefcake" for men. Glamour photography is generally a composed image of a subject in a still position. The subjects of "glamour" photography for professional use are often professional models, and the photographs are normally intended for commercial use, including mass-produced calendars, pinups and men's magazines but amateur subjects are also sometimes used, and sometimes the photographs are intended for private and personal use only. Photographers use a combination of cosmetics, lighting and airbrushing techniques to produce an appealing image of the subject.

Conversely, Boudoir Photography has a very positive and empowering effects for it's subjects, with posing that is more relaxed and flowing.


Obviously, I could go on and on about the differences between these types of photography but for now I hope this helps give a little more understanding and separation concerning these specific styles of photography...

Here are some old, very old and some not that old glamour samples of mine...


How to prepare and what to wear?

How to prepare and what to wear?

If you're curious about treating yourself to a Boudoir Session and want to know just what to do to get ready, here's a couple of the best videos I've found on advice to prepare.  They give some very helpful information.


I've noticed that pronouncing "Boudoir" can be a bit confusing, so this should help with that...


Why would you want to take pictures in your underwear?

Why would you want to take pictures in your underwear?

Being a boudoir photographer in Miami, I get the way a lot of people see this style of photography, as just pictures of women in lingerie and eventhough the results are beautiful and exhilarating, I understand how a boudoir session can be a bit intimidating. Truth is it can be easy to misunderstand the benefits of Boudoir without experiencing it for yourself.  Here are the words of someone who has experienced a session with me:

 -  I had a great experience shooting my boudoir photos. I had the chance to see the images of the pictures that were taken, and I couldn't believe my eyes of how beautiful they came out.  Almost couldn't believe it was me.  I would definitely encourage other women to have their boudoir images taken of themselves.  At first I was a little hesitant of what others might say, but then  I realized the reason why I wanted to take those photos to begin with.  I wanted to take those boudoir images solely for me to have. Time is something that not only doesn't stop for no one, but it surely doesn't wait for no one to pass you by neither.  I wanted to have a memory of the best stages of my life that I could look back at once I grow older.

 I think every women should have that. 

Elena R., Miami


I realize that there are many things happening in your day to day life, however, I hope that you will make or take the time to do something wonderful for yourself.






Let me begin with, Thank you for your time.   As this is my first entry, I'd like to introduce myself, give a little background and explain why I shoot boudoir.

My name is John Miller.  I was born in Detroit, where my passion for photography began.

I've been a member of the Army Reserves, the Army National Guard and the USMC, 9 years total service.

I worked at Chrysler for 6 years. Before moving to Miami in 2000.

I've shot many different subjects, looking for ways to service the needs of whomever needed photos and for whatever reason.  This was ok most of the time because I love taking pictures, I now have just a couple of areas that I focus on exclusively.  This is one.

I love Boudoir Photography because it helps improve the self-esteem and confidence of women while producing some beautiful images.  

In future posts I will provide tips and links to more information on preparation for and benefits of a Boudoir Session.